Liga Perdana Malaysia

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Malaysia Premier League Info

Malaysia Premier League or locally known as Liga Perdana Malaysia is the second level of Malaysia professional football league system. The top 2 of every season ends will be promoted to Liga Super Malaysia and the bottom two from Liga Super will automatically demoted to Liga Perdana.

Malaysia Premier League is played between twelve clubs or teams and basically, the tournament starts at February until October each year and which a month of recess to give way to fasting month for the muslims. Similar with its “brother” Liga Super, there are twelve teams to compete in the tournament with each team plays 22 times and twice with the same each opponent that will sum up a total of 132 matches can be enjoyed by their fans. Each team will play at home and away. Almost of the games are done on Friday and some of it on Saturday and Sunday.

starting in year 2015, Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) was established from what we call to privatise its football league system. The collaboration shows all 24 clubs and teams from the Malaysian Super League and Premier League including Football Association Malaysia (FAM) as the Managing Partner and MP & Silva as a special partner (FAM’s global media and commercial advisor) to be the stakeholders of the company. FMLLP as the owner, operates and manages five professional football tournaments in Malaysian under its authority, which include the Malaysian Super League (MSL), the Premier League, the FA Cup, Malaysia Cup and the Sumbangsih Cup.

Starting from 2016 season, the league was known as 100PLUS Premier league where we can see that the brand is sponsoring the league.


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